Frank Royal
Drum & Synth Re-UP Sample Pack
Frank Royal offers newly recorded samples of his very own Gretch Renown Maple Drum kit, w/ one shots and loops to keep your future trap grooves healthy, along side custom designed Synth, Vocal, ...
Axon Genesis
'Futurism' - 80 Presets for Xfer Serum
Axon Genesis shares his freshest sounds in this brand new presets pack which includes a full arsenal of instruments and effects for your next project.
'Sweeteners On
Top' by Stephan Jacobs
In this edition of Producers Social Sample Packs, Stephan Jacobs has put together a collection of what he calls the "Sweeteners on Top". These are types of one shot samples that help make a tune feel more complete...
Cy Kosis
Sample Pack and Drum Rack
This sample pack is a collection of drum recordings I recorded in my travels through different studios around Los Angeles, and random found objects around my house. Many of the drums are also synthesized within Ableton's Operator, and Xfer Records' Serum.
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