RÜDE Rhythms Sample Pack
RÜDE started out as a music producer and writer in New York, where he honed his craft and produced records for J. Cole, Rick Ross, Diddy, Dj Khaled and created an instrumental called “Icarus” that was sold to Ultra and licensed to DJ/Artist “Madeon.” Studying under two mentors Ryan Leslie & later No I.D, RÜDE mastered eleven instruments and the art of performing, providing new experiences. Considered to be a sonic tailor, RÜDE gained his footing developing artists and using that experience to develop himself. After experimenting and releasing a number of successful remixes, it was clear RÜDE possessed a wonderful skill to effectively blend every genre. RÜDE’s productions are never identical, his aesthetic is very classy, edgy and his music is far from humble. Preparing to kick off his RÜDE AWAKENING tour utilizing mixed reality, RÜDE aims to leave people stunned and fulfilled as nobody will know what to expect. Attendees will be in for new experiences and be undoubtedly grateful something like this exists.’

This sample pack includes:

  • 12 808
  • 14 Claps
  • 14 Foley
  • 14 FX
  • 14 Kicks
  • 14 Loops
  • 14 Percussion
  • 14 Snaps
  • 14 Snares
  • 14 Vox

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