Cy Kosis Sample Pack and Drum Rack

Cy KosisCy Kosis is a Los Angeles based producer from Queens, New York with a unique style of bass music. His inclusive production covers everything from dubstep to moombahton to electro-house, and has garnered him support from elite producers such as Diplo, The Partysquad, Aylen, David Heartbreak, Gladiator and more.


This month, Cy Kosis shares his genre-defying sound with an epic sample pack made exclusively for our members. The sample pack consists of a collection of drum recordings recorded during his travels through different studios around Los Angeles, and random objects he found around his house.

“I picked a lot of sounds that I've often wanted to record and manipulate to throw into my own productions because some of them are a bit weird to find recordings of, but are still great sound sources!” - Cy Kosis

The sample pack also features drums synthesized within Ableton’s Operator and Xfer Records’ Serum. Cy Kosis also included special BONUS recordings from an actual Roland TR-808 Drum Machine, which he later processed within Ableton.

If you are a bass enthusiast or someone looking to expand your drum selection, cash in on the Cy Kosis drum sample pack today!

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