Boondok Sample Pack
Inside this high quality sample pack is a one of a kind foundation of sounds you'll find a gold mine exploring every single folder. Geared towards the evolving sound of House Music, Hip-hop influence, Techno, Baseline, Warehouse Bass, Booty bass and Breaks music, this pack was carefully designed for the festival dance floor with the edge of maintaining relevancy, quality control and undeniable infectious rhythms and sound design that makes this pack a go-to for every producer searching for better quality sound and fresh ideas for their tracks.

In this sample pack, 
Boondok offers you a head start with choices like UK style warehouse bass stabs, or dirty garage bass swells that shake the floor! This pack also includes catchy custom made mixed loops, percs that stand out, claps and snares that cut through, punchy & beefy mixed down kicks drums with the right amount of headroom, the silky smooth super stereo FX pack with signiture Boondok processing on the FX, and not to mention the vocal pack which is fresh to death on mostly any genre or style you use it on! You'll find yourself using this pack on almost every project you open up thanks to the awesome variety of sound and taste, This one is a no brainer and a total steal! Grab it now and see for yourself, This one is definitly a jackpot of sample packs.

Included in this sample pack:
  • 16 Bass & Synths
  • 11 Claps
  • 15 Hats
  • 14 Kicks
  • 17 Mixed Loops
  • 11 Percussion
  • 21 SFX
  • 9 Snares
  • 10 Vocal Samples

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