Nonlinear by Stephan Jacobs

Bass music producer/DJ, Stephan Jacobs is back from a short hiatus with the highly anticipated release of his forthcoming EP. “Nonlinear” shows Stephan carving out yet a new sound for himself- one that doesn’t rely so much on heavy baselines. Stephan continues to push the envelope of his music production by taking all the knowledge he has gained thus far to incorporate a new arsenal of techniques that instead draw listeners in with a full spectrum of melodies layered over the same fullness of sound you are used to with his music. His evolved sound widens subs to cover all frequencies of his signature style. Stephan’s refined sound embodies an essence of maturity that reflects both musically and in his personal life. It transcends through every track on the EP, making “Nonlinear” not only an epic comeback for Stephan, it is a timeless body of music and one of the biggest releases of the summer.

“Nonlinear” is more than your average EP. It is an entire live show performance featuring what Stephan believes are his most "timeless" tunes. He incorporates vocalists, an orchestra, brass, live drums, AV and a way to experience his music like never before. He will be taking a short break from DJ sets over the next few months to focus on further developing the live show. Be sure to catch his last DJ set at Heart and Soulstice festival on June 23rd, 2018.

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Release Info

Artist Name: Stephan Jacobs

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Release Name: Nonlinear

Release Date: June 8, 2018

Label: Producers Social

Track List:

  1. Something About Life (feat. Epikker)
  2. Nonlinear
  3. Fresh AF (feat. Kittrix)
  4. Memories (feat. Delevo)

Similar To: The Glitch Mob, Flume, What So Not, Big Wild

Artist Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud


About Stephan Jacobs:

Stephan Jacobs is one of the pioneers of bass music to emerge from the underground scene in Los Angeles during its formative years. He started his DJ career with his first music project Kether, which played at acclaimed festivals such as Space Island and Burning Man. In [year you went solo], he transitioned into a solo act and made a name for himself as he played his signature mind-bending, bass infused sets at the biggest events and festivals around the world. Stephan Jacobs has since become a staple in bass music. When he isn’t working on his own productions, he devotes his time to community building and creating opportunities for upcoming music producers.


Stephan started a family and welcomed the role of fatherhood after the birth of his daughter. He also started two companies, Sesh and Producers Social, both which are centered around creating community for musicians and music producers. Producers Social is also a record label. Stephan is thrilled to release his newest EP on the label he has worked so hard to build.


Most recently, Stephan has been working closely with Brockhampton, touring with the band as their lead Ableton wizard for live performances. He is scheduled to tour with Brockhampton through summer 2018.


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