New Life by Photon A.D.

Photon A.D.’s new glitch hop EP “New Life” is hypnotic and dripping with bass. The distinctive sound design driving this 6-track release is perfectly grounded by the soul-funk vibe flowing throughout. “New Life” shows Photon A.D. breaking through boundaries with his bass rattling beats. Check out “New Life” - out today on Producers Social Record Label.

The sound design on this 6-track release shows Photon A.D. pushing the envelope with his distinct production style, grounded by soul funk inspired flow  

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Track 1 :Shamanic Overtones

Lyrics: C-View. Gate 9. Studio. Photon A.D. Here in My Brain. Drumbeat. Music Software.

"When we practice sacred drumming we become one with what we are made of. We become one with the voice of great spirit, that primal rhythm that pulses in all that exists. We transcend time and space and soar on flight of rapture & ecstasy."

Credits: Includes a quote from the book "The Shamanic Drum: A Guide To Sacred Drumming" by Michal Drake.

Track 2: To The Skies : Written in a Tipi on the beach in Panama, Central America. This song is written about the feeling of Kiteboarding/ Kitesurfing, and catching mad air.

Track 3: 1st Market

Track 4: Smooth Communication Interlude
Featuring the lovely Serum synth from Xfer Records (Thanks Steve Duda!)

Track 5: ETA: Now - Vocal Sample - Alex&Ra

Track 6: New Digs (Ft. Evan Perman) 
- Vocals - Photon A.D.
Didgeridoo - Evan Perman
Guitar - Connor Croteau
Additional Vocals - Danielle LeMaster

Written/Recorded/Produced/Mixed by Photon A.D.
Mastered by Da Moth
Album Art by Axon Genesis

Special thanks to Kite in Negros, Philippines for photo contribution, and @FetzAudio for glitch art.

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