Sojourn by Axon Genesis
This 3-track EP reveals Axon Genesis’ futuristic style, which flawlessly blends elements of glitch hop, psytrance and ambient effects.
FNGRNLS Pareidolia
FNGRLS Pareidolia EP
Da Moth - 13
Full length album '13' by Da Moth
Producers Social
Compilation Vol. 4
We are proud to announce the 4th compilation album featuring exclusive music from the Producers Social community!
Axon Genesis
- Harmonic Convergence EP
'Harmonic Convergence' by Axon Genesis - A melding of electronic styles with retro-futuristic themes
Producers Social
Compilation Vol 3
The latest installment in the Producers Social compilation series, volume 3 showcases the work of some of our most talented members in this full-length album.
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