Producers Social T-Shirt in White
Get your official limited-edition Producer Social T-Shirt! Only while supplies last.
Sojourn by Axon Genesis
This 3-track EP reveals Axon Genesis’ futuristic style, which flawlessly blends elements of glitch hop, psytrance and ambient effects.
FNGRNLS Sample Pack
FNGRNLS pulls out the stops in this pack of hard-hitting gritty sounds including distorted basses, glitched out drums, and a collection of power tool recordings.
Producers Social T-Shirt in Black
An official Producers Social black t-shirt with purple logo.
Producers Social Workshop Series
Producers Social Workshop Series presents a weekend intensive designed to get you a finished song in 1-week and take it to stage!
Sonar Works Reference 4
Remove unwanted coloration from studio speakers and headphones. Focus on the music instead of worrying about your setup and make the right impact on every listener out there.
Da Moth - 13
Full length album '13' by Da Moth
Solotrip Sample Pack
Solotrip shares this collection of percussive objects and synthesized hits that will give your tracks bounce, wonk, and stank.
MO7S Acid Bath Sample Pack
The legendary MO7S rolls out his vintage gear in this amazing pack of acid goodness.
Sikkie Sample Pack
A well-rounded pack from Sikkie featuring lush snappy trap sounds, deep 808s that will make your bedroom shake, and with fx, soundbites, and more to set the mood.
FNGRNLS Pareidolia
FNGRLS Pareidolia EP
ST4RFOX Transmissions from Space Sample Pack
With his cosmic ears attuned to the outer limits of space, ST4RFOX presents this wonderfully bizarre pack of mind-melting and brain-tickling sound design.
Producers Social Compilation Vol. 4
We are proud to announce the 4th compilation album featuring exclusive music from the Producers Social community!
Dankitty Swanks Sample Pack
Add some dank and swank to your kit with this new pack by Dankitty Swanks. Includes a full array of creative sounds to inspire your workflow.
Henry Strange - Strange Modular Experiment
Make it strange and wonderful with this powerful arsenal of hi-quality analog sounds made by the wizard himself Henry Strange using modular synthesizers for that extra punch and unique quality in your tunes.

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