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  1. Q: Where are you from?
    I am from Kharkiv Ukraine. A small rural town outside of the city. Moved away when I was 8 years old. People often get surprised when I tell them I have never seen Alice in Wonderland, Sesame Street, or the OG Star Wars Trilogy etc. ... and I just tell them "when I was growing up, I was playing with knives, blowing up concrete, and hauling spare lead out old car batteries to make jewelry." That was my playground lol.

  1. Q: When did you start producing?

A: I started producing when I was 24. I finished my Bachelor's degree in Psychology....and moved to Chicago. I met some Dj's and producer homies through whom I quickly became immersed in the Chicago electronic music scene as a "promoter." Having absolutely no concept what that means, I was thrilled to be going out to clubs and venues, watching some really big dj's perform while drinking free alcohol. The "club" experience was really novel to me and it wasn't until my first time I saw Sander Van Doorn that I really "got" ELECTRONIC MUSIC. Prior to that experience I was into heavy metal. Lamb of God, Opeth, and Children of Bodom were my idols and I didn't care about any other genre of music, much less edm. From that point onward, I would set aside my dreams of being in a heavy metal band. I took down my posters of metallica and megadeth and created a pandora radio station for Infected Mushroom and Deadmau5. These were my new idols. The first couple of years I just dabbled and came up with ideas, but the first ever song I ever produced in dance music was when I was 25, it was called Captain America, I will try to find a link!

  1. Q: How did you come up with the name you produce under?
    I actually didn’t! My last name was given to me! I always knew that uniqueness but still looked for other producers for guidance. I knew it had to be a name that would not have any other affiliation. Originally I came up with "destroyak" and that was the name for a few months until my friends simply suggested that my name Troyak is just as badass and unique. Plus, I could never be able to properly pronounce "destroyak" with my foreign accent and everyone would mispronounce my name anyway. The change was obvious.

  1. Q: What is the most valuable thing you have gained from Producers Social?
     The most valuable thing I think I came out of being a member of the social is self-confidence. Without a community of peers who are just as driven as you, you kinda find yourself on an island... maybe the island is just your bedroom that your stay up for hours and working, you feel like you’re all alone doing this stuff and maybe even begin to lose hope! That's how I felt when I lived in Chicago and just worked in my studio in the suburbs. I felt like I was the only one digging a never ending hole! Coming to L.A. and discovering the social gave me the right KICK in the ass to start doing stuff. having 20-30 kids all doing the same shit as you gives you motivation and also a sense of competition which is great! It gets the creative juices flowing!  The early part of producing was a struggle for me to realize that I can ACTUALLY do this and be good enough to gain my own FANS. Attending the socials, meeting other producers and getting experienced feedback helped me come to this conclusion. The Producers Social is an excellent way for young fresh artists to get the ball rolling while eliminating negative thoughts of isolation and doubt. Inside the social you will find motivation and also walk with a handful of great friends. My intent while I was moving from Chicago to L.A. was to have only friends who are music producers. Having been in L.A. for almost 2 years, I can honestly say that the only person I’m friends with who isn't a producer is my roommate from HS!

  1. Q: What do you believe is most valuable thing you have to offer to the Producers Social community?
    It seems I am the only one doing my genre of music on the States as a whole, let alone in California>La>Producer Social. So my music may resonate well with fresh ears and that is always a plus. But all jokes aside, when I show my music to people the one thing that I always seem to hear consistently is that the mixes sound great. (Very flattering I know, but very important to have a skill down, there are so many different abilities you gotta have as a music producer. Arrangement, mix down, song choice, sound design, story, idea, all of these elements can seem overwhelming, so it is very comforting to have one of those aspects locked down and dialed in.) So I guess the thing that I can offer to the community is any and all help related to making music, and especially those aspects that pertain to mix downs. :)

  1. Q: What is your goal with your music career?
    My goal with music is to be financially stable and secure while and only having making music/ playing shows as the only form of WORK and performing and royalties are my only income. I want to buy my Dad a house and never worry about bills. That is my goal and it may sound like a dream, but I believe dreams are real. I know it takes a fuck load of time... but I am happily invested into that time. I've been, and my dream is to earn respect from idols. The top musical producers are in a league of their own. An elite echelon, and I WANT IN. But it has to be genuine. What that means to me is: I will never put my name on music that I personally do not like. If if I don't like then why did I make it? and there really is no genuine answer for that at least for me as an artist.  

  1. Q: What is your favorite plugin and why?
    Oh shit not this question..... and what type of plug in... shiiittt.. I’ll give you an effect and an instrument.... Boom! 1. Instrument - Kontakt, no contest.... it's got add ons that are flame and has a disgusting factory library. It seems most people's problem with "EDM" is that it’s all "computers and like doesn't have any soul..." Kinda true, don’t agree with them BUT Kontakt captures the aforementioned "soul" and it really does put a human element into your music that is nearly impossible to recreate in serum... well maybe if you love sound design....

  1. Q: What is one dream collaborator you would love to work with?
    Infected mushroom or deadmau5

  1. Q: What is a hobby you enjoy besides music?
    Working out, hiking, watching stand up comedy, traveling, cooking, and I fucking love moviessssss, and as far as I'm concerned, GOT, westworld, and such other marvelous feats are also movies just really long ones.

  1.  Q: What is your dream venue to perform at?
    Ultra Miami after 5pm :)


  1.  Q: What is your favorite animal?
    Cat, no contest

  1.  Q: What is your favorite food?
    SUPER sumo wrestler style straight up TIE between salmon sushi (plain af I know) and afghani murgh tikka.

  1.  Q: In closing, is there anything you would like to say?
    THANK YOU to producer social for giving all of us the creative kick in the ass to get up and start doing cool shit we know we all can do!


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