As a member of Producers Social, one of the greatest contributions you bring to our community is your talent and experience. Together, we have the opportunity to grow in our art and encourage one another to take meaningful steps forward in their careers and creative expression. As the Producers Social has grown, we have continued to discover new and rising stars in the industry, as well as exciting new ways to hone our craft through this incredible community.

In the time of COVID-19, producers have found it increasingly difficult to reach our audience with new music. As the entertainment industry takes a pause for global health, artists have to get creative in finding new ways to reach one another with their projects and music. As a way to help producers and musicians reach audiences, Stephan Jacobs, co-founder of the Producers Social, along with Henry Strange, Matt Adell and Terrence Scoville have created a brand new livestream platform - OnNow.TV

OnNow was created from a dream to see artists and audiences come together in a time when physical closeness is almost impossible. Not only has it become increasingly difficult to perform live for crowds, but moving toward an online-only medium has proven less than effective. The rise of social media, on-demand content, tribalism, and niche shared interest groups that connect asynchronously have all-but put an end to the real power of our industry - coming together over a shared love for music and performance.

Our dream for OnNow is to optimize the connectivity between Livestream Creators and fans - helping bridge the gap in a highly-fragmented livestream world. For us to truly be together again, there must be a way for everyone to know where to be at any given moment! At OnNow, our constantly-curated livestream platform is built to help performers and creators reach their current and potential fans with dedicated content. With an engaging platform full of features such as ratings, engagement metrics, and reviews, you can communicate with and build your audience base in a way unseen in livestreaming to date.

As a member of the Producers Social, we invite you to join us in our endeavour to build one of the most celebrated and powerful livestream platforms on the web. Simply head over to OnNow.tv and create an account. Then add your livestreams to the schedule and invite others to join you when you go live.

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