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Cofounder of Producers Social, Mark Kingsley is an L.A. based music producer, DJ and live sound engineer. He is the manager of the Producers Social Record label and the host of the monthly L.A. Producers Social. He has curated over a dozen releases featuring artists throughout our community and even helped some artists release original music for the first time in their careers.

For the past 5 years, Mark has been a tastemaker and leader in our community. He is an active member of several music communities with a keen eye for connecting dots between major influencers. His involvement is helping shape the sound and culture of underground electronic music in Los Angeles. Learn more about what inspires Mark to create his eclectic style of “weird bass music” below!

At the time of this interview, Mark had just released his full-length album 13 as Da Moth. 13 was among the first releases on our newly formed label back in July 2017. The album is a bass-driven glimpse into the melodic mind of our favorite insect.


After 13, Mark announced that he was working on a new EP. This time, under a new alias: K!NGS. K!NGS dropped the 5-track EP Dreams on the Producers Social Record Label in June 2018. Dreams is Mark’s debut exploring new realms and a new genre.


Biggest influences

I’ve always been a B-Boy at heart so old Hip Hop and Breaks have always been a huge part of my life. In my teenage years, artists like Meat Beat Manifesto, Massive Attack, Aphex Twin, Goldie, and LTJ Bukem where my first inspiration to make music but honestly my biggest influences today are the local producers I am surrounded by in LA. I have so many friends pushing the envelope and bending genres and staying ahead of the curve it's hard to keep up sometimes. I also like to look to other genres outside EDM for inspiration. Artists like Puscifer, Boots, James Blake, Vince Staples, and Mouthe to name a few.

Favorite Instrument / DAW / Plugin / etc.

Ableton is my weapon of choice of DAWS. I would say my favorite plugin really depends on what I am working on. I think the most understated plugin would be Operator. It’s such an easy tool to use and it honestly gives some of the thickest sub bass in the game. I use it on pretty much everything I make.

How long have you been Producing / DJing / Performing:

I started DJing way back in 1999. I started Producing about 10 years ago but started really taking it serious about 6 years ago.

Describe your music in 5 words or a short phrase:

Weird Bass Music

Favorite place to write music:

With friends!

How do you stay inspired:

I am inspired by the constant flow of creativity that I am constantly surrounded by. It's hard not to be inspired with so many talented and driven friends. I also like to skateboard, dance, clown and get weird with the homies.

You never go into the studio without:


Favorite artist to collab with:

That’s an impossible question. I have so many talented friends that all bring different stuff to the table. I guess my most consistent partner would be my longtime friend and brethren MO7S. We go back 20 years and have been working together since the beginning on many weird side projects (that seem to never really get released). But man we have fun in the studio. Someday we will just release it all at once and blow people’s minds.

Dream artist to collab with:

James Maynard Keenen or Trent Reznor

What do you enjoy most about Producers Social:

The amazing family that has been formed over the past 4 years. Most of my best friends and favorite artist I have met thru the social. They keep me inspired on the daily.

What makes you unique:

I never conform to a specific genre or style. I really love being genre fluid because I can rock a banger peak hour set or come with the deep sunrise vibes or even rock the day party poolside vibes. To me, DJing is all about set and setting. It's a fun puzzle to try to solve for every gig. I would hate to ever get pigeonholed in one specific scene. I love all genres and I think my original production really reflects that as well.

Catch Mark performing as Da Moth Thursday, September 13 at Jive Joint presents: like a fleeting statue. More information…

FOR MORE ON DA MOTH: SoundCloud |Facebook |Instagram
FOR MORE ON K!NGS: SoundCloudFacebook |Instagram

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