Been writing music since middle school. I started with bands; then solo projects and collaborations in college. Learned about club music and found out my DAW, Ableton, was a gold mine. Spent 6 years making mash ups for house parties in college, as well as producing original tracks. None of which were any good. But I just kept pushing and learning, in school, and on the internet. 

It took me 6 years before I realized that I needed to break the routine. Made my first track titled "intro," after listening to some of my older favorite bands, Meshuggah, The Faceless, Cynic. I realized I wanted to feel breakdowns with weird atmospheres.

Spent a year working on this Carbon Street bass music project, while releasing music with the homies in Fuzzy Puddles, and a compilation submission with Good Nature Collective <3.
Then got back into Techno.
Signed the first Carbon Street Techno EP with one of my favorite labels, out of Italy; Subwoofer Records. These guys are a power house for hardcore / hard techno releases. 
Working on a collaboration EP with a number of local techno & tech house producers around LA, hopefully going to finish that up by the end of summer.

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