Stephen Walker aka Axon GenesisAxon Genesis is the moniker of Stephen Walker, a multi-disciplinary artist and software developer with over 20 years professional experience spanning the industries of film visual effects and motion graphics, electronic music production, and software development. He is a co-founder and CTO of the Producers Social, having designed and developed this very website!

Stephen's bigger vision for Axon Genesis is to create immersive experiences that incorporate music and visuals, ultimately as interactive gameplay in the form of VR and 360 videos. To achieve this goal he has been working in secret on a custom set of animation tools for Unity, which is planned for release in the Unity Asset Store. Below is the video 'Exogen' released in Nov 2016 featuring his full scope of work created using his own unique tools.

Stephen first debuted in the electronic music world in 2013 as Axon Genesis, with an evolving blend of electronic styles influenced by glitch, psybass, dub, electro and West Coast bass music. His life has always involved music and dabbling in many musical instruments including guitar, piano, clarinet, didgeridoo, hand drums, and flute. 

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