Aliah Selah - Ableton Producer/Singer-Songwriter/Tenor & Midi Sax Player/Keyboard Singing Songwriter/Arranger/Videographer/Choreographer/Yogi -  and  Qigong Sound Healing Lotus Heart Yogadancer - in service to visions of your highest - best of each ∞ for the good of all.

Aliah Selah's 1st solo CD ACOUSTIC PERFUME, featured on local Austin radio stations KUT, KTSW, KVRX, KGSR, & KOOP in perfect time for Lilith Fair. Her music offers reflections of how our body & soul wisdom whispers and lives forever through poetry and visuals in songs dedicated to Earth & Peace causes..  overlapping symbols hidden in layers of images in music videos. Her music video style  grew out of procuding a  weekly TV show “Trippin' In Austin” - taping live shows in clubs, editing it and  hosting it  for 2 years. All worth is when together with the people of Austin, she helped - with her song "Bless The Water" - to save Barton Springs from a developer.  A really awesome experience to have the peaople win.. More recently, Aliah has pre-released an Electronica version of "Bless The Water" and music video blessing many waters.

Back in Austin, her show - "Trippin'' In Austin" - birthed  "Peace ( )
produced many other  SXSW Specials:  "Girl Groove",  and "SOTV".  All featured visionary musicians, poets, artists & activists and featured a flashback of Caine from the old Kung Fu Show with his Monk Teachers advising him.  Featured was the "house band" - Aliah's r Sacred Jam Band - Spiral On - the show was able to inspire healing  to the Austin Music scene by giving so much exposure on TV and feature touring bands. Aliah was able to do her Rockaholix Comedyas the host, that later she did at the Austin City Playhouse and as a Comedy Traffic School Instructor where  she developed and offered MnM Oracle and her personal inventory tool:  10 Universal Symbols for application Get2KnowU.

The Rockaholix concept is now a movie concept like Spinal Tap (Spiral On Tap?!) honoring Russel Brand & Jack Black  - let Aliah know if you know them - or would like to be involved. and  -see if U R A Rockaholix:
Her 2nd CD LIVING IN THE SHADE - Funk Rock Fusion CD - Rockaholx made in Asutin where everyone is a Rockaholix - and featuring her songs, singing, and Tenor  Sax on "Star Child" and "Fridge Petry". The CD started playing on those stations as well as becoming a featured artist on KKMJ where she interviewed with DJ Eric Leikam who had dubbed her, "a kinder, gentler, Tori Amos" when he worked at KLBJ.  Through  Spiral On gigs… offering Jazz Fusion Sound Sculting  and yogadance celebrations leading  to channeled songs. Listen to "On Call ' at

Aliah gives thanks for  synchronicity in life and music videos she does with Lotus Heart Yogadancers on location in nature. Aliah teaches this form as a culmination of her Dance, Yoga, and Qigong  movements blended with Free Spirit Expressions. "Where Light Shines" is the focus for her current music video. -  you can see more at:
After her Amsterdam A2A Showcase, some European stations started playing her unique spoken word and sung performance art song "Little Shelf" that was nominated for a LA MUSIC AWARD in 2007 - both Experimental/Female Vocals and then nominated for a 2008 HOLLYWOOD MUSIC AWARD in the Ambient/New Age category after being  Her 3rd CD -SHADES OF IMAGES opens with the  ambient downtempo track - "Little Shelf ("Speak") that she now is  choreographing for a music video that's set to open -  honoring inspiring stories of those cocreating peace and why we heal through inspired learning.

With the fears of the Myan Calendar endings Aliah felt moved to offer - "Across The Universe 2013" and made a music video that was a Sunset Ocean Blessing. The song was nominated for a 2013 HOLLYWOOD MUSIC AWARD in Jazz - featuring  Steve Allee on Piano. Dedicated to Om, John Lennon & Yoko, Baba Hari Doss & Mt Madonna, Ram Doss, and all the cool people who see our world growing smaller and more connected to find solutions for peace: Aliah offers Qigong Sound Healing and Vibrational Vocals Ableton Songwriting Sessions - Creative Healing Services. -  

IN LIGHT OF NOW is her upcoming 4th CD. Electronica... and Livtronica tour... coming... as it begins to flow... blessings.
"Venus In Aquarius", and"Bless The Water" are on the new CD and already music videos. Currently focusing on producing music videos for: "Where Light Shines" and "Little Shelf" ("Speak") .

  For more info:   &

Visionary Collaborators for  Electronica/Livetronica (STS9-like) band to play Sacred Music, Art, & Yoga Festivals.  Also  collaborating  with musicians/artist for new video series: Together we are CoCreating our peace

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