Da Moth was involved the New England club/rave scene for over 12 years and been a major part of many legendary massives and weekly events thrown in the late 90′s and early 2000′s. In 2004 Mark decided to take his skills and knowledge westward to expand his horizons. After a long journey of exploration, Mark and settled down found his home in Hollywood at the world renowned nightclub, Avalon Holywood. He soon became stage manager/sound engineer and resident DJ ,working and performing with artists such as Sasha and Digweed, Hybrid, James Lavell, Tiesto, Bad Boy Bill,James Zabiella, Sander Kleinenburg and After 4 years of dedication to Avalon, Da Mothman decided to take a break from the LA nightclub side of things and concentrate on touching base with the underground. He took a few years to really connect with the LA underground circuit and has made a name for himself in the the world of downtown warehouse raves and desert parties and festivals.
Da Moth was a resident DJ not to mention sound engineer and tech for L.A.'s largest monthly basscentric event LA BEATDOWN. He has performed with legendary artist such as Nero,Feed Me,Q-Bert,Hive Borgore and has done sound for almost every prominent bass DJ in the game..
In 2014 Da Moth took some time off from his own music to tour the world as head sound engineer and Ableton tech for Porter Robinsons' "WORLDS" tour.
For the past 3 years Mark has been focused on his music workshop,The Producers Social.. He and his partner Stephan Jacobs have started a monthly workshop for producers and vocalists to get together and share original music and socialize. It has grown to over 5 cities and become one of LAs best industry nights drawing some of LAs biggest talent as well as up and comers.
Da Moth is known across the country for his keen ear and insane live performances, he not only controls the dance floor with his dank and dirty beats but brings an unmatched level of enthusiasm and energy to the stage. His open format bass style can rock the biggest stage at the festival or melt your head at sunrise....Da Moth’s intense and original artistic vision is seemingly unlimited and he is always looking to grow and evolveWhen it comes down to it it doesn’t matter if he is behind the decks, in the studio or running the sound, Da Mothman is a force to be reckoned with. Artist, visionary, engineer,insane…. whatever you choose to call him, Da moth is simply by nature a cotton mouth madman set on destroy.Contact @ Mark@producerssocial.com

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