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Burkey Sample Pack
Vocal artist Burkey provides an amazing pack of over 200 high quality vocal samples, including phrases, callouts, hooks, words, and expressions.
Boondok Sample Pack
Geared towards the evolving sound of House Music, Hip-hop influence, Techno, Baseline, Warehouse Bass, Booty bass and Breaks music, this pack was carefully designed for the festival dance floor
FNGRNLS Sample Pack
FNGRNLS pulls out the stops in this pack of hard-hitting gritty sounds including distorted basses, glitched out drums, and a collection of power tool recordings.
Solotrip Sample Pack
Solotrip shares this collection of percussive objects and synthesized hits that will give your tracks bounce, wonk, and stank.
MO7S Acid
Bath Sample Pack
The legendary MO7S rolls out his vintage gear in this amazing pack of acid goodness.
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