Los Angeles Producers Social

The original location and headquarters of Producers Social started in 2013 by electronic music producers, Stephan Jacobs and Mark Kingsley. Additional founders include music producer and visual artist, Stephen Walker and singer-songwriter, Luna Melero. Together, the L.A. Ambassadors coordinate and oversee all daily operations of Producers Social.

Producers Social was founded upon the ethos of community and strives to bring together like minded artists to meet, learn, collaborate and share music. L.A. Producers Social meets on the second Wednesday of each month.

Upcoming Events
2019-06-12 19:00:002019-06-12 23:55:00America/Los_AngelesL.A. Producers Social - ill.Gates Live / Producers DojoPlease see event page for more information: http://producerssocial.com/eventinfo?id=956020354605589Essex House 1519 Essex St. Los Angeles, CA 90021LA Producers Socialadmin@producerssocial.com
L.A. Producers Social - ill.Gates Live / Producers Dojo
Wed Jun 12th 7:00pm to 11:55pm | Essex House

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