Luna is a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles with a deep-rooted, colorful history in the music circuit. Harnessing her wild imagination from a young age, Luna turned to poetry as an outlet for her creativity, which quickly manifested into lyrics and songs by her teenage years.

Encouraged by the youthful vivacity of her family who always made sure to include music in their daily routine, Luna’s sonically salacious influences pull from all over the musical map, curating her one of a kind, eclectic gypsy soul style.

Open minded and free spirited, Luna’s versatility and adaptability allow her to ebb and flow effortlessly between a wide array of genres. Currently, she collaborates on side projects with several DJs and Producers around Southern California, including hip hop and ambient driven Chris Basske, the future bass duo Falcor and psytrance inspired FNGRNLS. Luna also makes up one half of Moonswings. - a collaborative music project with OC's DJ Firefly aka Mackenzie Olsen. Moonswings also works with OC producer Dreamlyfe

With late moon infused nights on her side, Luna is diligently working on her debut EP; be on the lookout for her all original music coming Summer 2018.

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