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  •   Who Can Attend?
  • Anyone can attend the producers social, playing a song or not. We ask you to come with constructive criticism and a positive attitude. Some socials do not charge if you are not playing a song and some do, depending on room size, chairs and availability.
  •   How does it work?
  • Each person who has a song to share must first sign up on the list. Please see an event host when you arrive to get signed up. The list can get full, so being early is recommended. Once sharing starts, each artist starting at the top of the list going down, gets up to 10 minutes to play their song and then get feedback. We recommend keeping songs shorter than 5 minutes to allow enough time for listening and discussion. During the feedback round, people will raise their hands and the presenter will call on one at a time. Please always be positive and supportive with your feedback.
  •   Does it matter what genre I play?
  • Not at all. We welcome anyone making an effort to improve their music and are here to support you in every way we can.
  •   How much time to I have to play a song during a social?
  • Each person has a total of up to 10 minutes to play 1 song with the remaining time for any feedback. Once everyone has played and if time permits, the list will be repeated.
  •   How much is it to attend a Producers Social?
  • Each city may have a different entry fee, some are even free. Please check the event page to confirm the price if you are unsure.
  •   What should I bring to the social?
  • We recommend coming to the social with your song already bounced to either a thumb drive or ⅛ in off your phone. This helps the night move along smoothly. We do not allow songs to be played from you DAW as we have encountered guests with CPU issues on their computer when playing their song. Please also do not stream your song from soundcloud or dropbox unless it has already been saved offline.
  •   Can I sign up on the list remotely?
  • Yes. If you purchased a ticket online, you may sign up on the list as soon as the event is marked ‘open’ by the host. Go to the events page to see the status of the event and look for the sign-up option. Sign-ups are first-come-first-served. The event hosts always have at their discretion the ability to change the order. If you sign up remotely and are not present for your turn, you may be skipped or sent to the end of the list.
  •   How do I view the list remotely?
  • The list is viewable publicly as soon as the host opens the event. You must be logged in to view it. Once events have ended, the list remains visible for all to see. To view the list, check the events page. If there is no button to view the On Deck session or list, it may not have been created yet for that event.
  •   Has anyone ever been kicked out of an event?
  • YES
  •   Can I get kicked out?
  • Yes, if you bring a negative attitude, disrespect an attendee, or are being disruptive we reserve the right to ask you to leave without a refund.
  •   How do I report a someone who made me uncomfortable at a Producers Social Event?
  • We always strive to maintain a harmonious, supportive and safe environment for all attendees at all times. Please speak with the host of the event or get in touch with us.
  •   Can I get reminders for upcoming events in my area?
  • We offer reminders emails sent 3 days before each event in your registered location. You can opt-in to receive these emails on your account page.
  •   Can I buy my ticket at the door?
  • Yes. We recommend arriving early to ensure a spot on the list.
  •   Do I need to print my ticket or show my ticket at the door?
  • When you purchase your ticket online, simply provide your name to the hosts upon arriving and they will confirm your ticket online. You will also be sent a confirmation email after your purchase. Please save the confirmation email as proof of your purchase.
  •   Can I buy more than one ticket for an event if I am bringing guests?
  • Yes. Please see the event host for signing up additional guests. Up to 1 sign-up is permitted per ticket holder. Each guest will asked to register with their artist name and email and will receive a confirmation email to complete their account setup at their convenience.
  •   How do I purchase a ticket remotely?
  • Tickets can only be purchased online for certain locations. If no tickets are available online for an event, then either it is free to attend or there is a fee at the door. Please check the event page for availability.
  •   Are unused tickets refundable?
  • At this time all ticket sales are final. Tickets purchased for a specific event are valid only for that event and cannot be used for another.
  •   How are membership tickets different from tickets purchased for an event?
  • Each membership includes a certain number of tickets which are valid for entry to any regular Producers Social event.  Member tickets must be used before their expiration date, relative to the subscription plan selected.
    • Basic Membership - 3 tickets with a 4 month expiration period
    • Standard Membership - 6 tickets with an 8 month expiration
    • Socialite Membership - 12 tickets with a 14 month expiration
  •   Does having a ticket guarantee a spot on the list?
  • No, a ticket purchase does not guarantee that you will be signed up on the list. We always do our best to accommodate all attendees and give everyone a chance to play their music. However, the list can get full and there is only so much time in the evening. Please arrive early or sign up remotely to ensure you have your spot reserved. 
  •   What do the different ticket status indicators mean?
  • Your 'My Tickets' page shows how many tickets you have available, how many are reserved, and how many have been used. 

    Available Tickets
    Tickets that show as 'Available' can be used to attend any regular Producers Social event. This does not apply to workshops, parties, or other special events. Only tickets that come with your membership will be shown available, since tickets purchased for a specific event are only for that event and will be displayed as reserved.

    Reserved Tickets
    Tickets assigned to an event will shown as 'Reserved'. Members have the added ability to reserve (or un-reserve) tickets for any Producers Social event. Any tickets purchased for a specific event will be tied to that event and cannot be transferred.

    Used Tickets
    Once you have attended a social or the event date has passed, the tickets for those events will be marked as used.
  •   How do reserved tickets and auto-signup work?
  • Reserved tickets and auto-signup are available only to members with an active subscription using the tickets provided with membership. These features are not available to tickets purchased directly for an event. To reserve tickets for an event, click the RSVP button on the event page for each event you would like to attend. Once you have reserved a ticket, you may additionally choose the auto-signup option by clicking the checkbox by your reservation. This means your name will be added to the On Deck list automatically once sign-ups are opened. Note: event hosts may change the order of sign-ups at their discretion. Please ensure you arrive on time and are ready to play.
  •   How do I change my profile picture?
      1. Log into your account and click on your username in the upper menu bar to go to your profile. Hover the mouse pointer over your profile image and click ‘Change Avatar’. You can upload an image or select a profile image from a linked social media account.
  •   Is an account created for me when I sign up at an event?
  • Yes. If you register with the On Deck system, providing your artist name and email address, you will automatically be sent a confirmation email with instructions for accessing your account. If you have trouble accessing your account, please visit the login help section.
  •   Can I make my profile private?
  • If you do not wish for other members or the public to see your profile, you can edit your profile and set the option 'Keep profile private'.
  •   Can I delete my account?
  • Yes. You must be signed into your account. Click on your username to go to your profile page, then click on ‘My Account’ where you will find a link at the bottom of the page to ‘Delete Account’. Once your account is deleted, it cannot be restored.
  •   Is my information private?
  • Yes. You are in full control of what information is displayed on your profile page. Your name, email address, and any other personal information you provide is kept secure and used solely for the use of this website, online store, and attending Producers Social events. We do not share your information with any 3rd parties.
  •   What is in the newsletter and how often is it sent?
  • We send out news and updates at the beginning of every month in our monthly newsletter. It includes the latest in sample packs, music, and merchandise available in our store, as well as any important news about Producers Social events and special offers. We will never spam you with unwanted emails. You may opt-out of our newsletter at any time and we always respect your privacy. Visit your account page to change your newsletter preferences.
  •   How do I change my location?
  • When you move to a new city and want your profile to reflect your new location, go to your edit your profile and select the location from the drop-down menu. Save your profile for the change to take effect. You will see your current location as a badge in the top left corner of your profile picture.
  •   How do I get featured in the Artist Spotlight?
  • Each month we select a different artist among our members to be featured in the Artist Spotlight. This is an article featuring you and your work visible to our whole community and shared across our social media channels with thousands of followers. To be eligible you must first have completed your profile and completed your Artist Spotlight Submission. Your submission is subject to review and does not guarantee inclusion. 
  •   How do I create a custom URL for my profile?
  • Members with an active membership have the added feature of a custom URL linking to their profile name, in the format:

    To create your custom URL, go to edit your profile and in the Members-Only section, enter the URL name you'd like to use. This must be URL-friendly, meaning no special characters. Certain key words are reserved and prohibited from use. Your URL will be validated and ready to use immediately and remains active as long as your membership subscription is current.
  •   What is the difference between 'Premium Members' and 'Regular Members'?
  • Premium Members are members of the social with an active membership subscription, whereas regular members are users registered with the site without an active membership. One of the perks of being a Premium Member is having a preferred listing on in the Socialites directory, as well as an extended profile page with custom url. Visit the Membership page to compare options, save on tickets, get sample packs, and more.
  •   How do I become a Member?
  • Please visit our Membership page to view our subscription options.
  •   How do I renew my Membership?
  • Please log in to your account and then click on your username in the upper right menu to go to your profile page. Click on ‘My Membership’ to view your current subscription. Ensure the auto-renew option is enabled, or if you wish you can manually renew your subscription at any time.
  •   Does a membership come with sample packs?
  • Every membership includes sample pack credits which vary based on the plan. Credits are redeemable in the Store to get any sample pack free with no expiration date. Here are the following options when choosing your membership:
    • Basic Membership includes 1 sample pack credit at signup and at each renewal
    • Standard Membership includes 6 sample pack credits at signup and at each renewal
    • Socialite Membership includes 12 sample pack credits at signup and at each renewal, +1 credit every month while your subscription is active
  •   How can I contact other members of the community?
  • You can find others on the website by viewing the Socialites page showing a directory of our members. Only public information provided by members is shown. There is currently no way to directly contact members on the website.
  •   What is Member-Only access?
  • Special content, giveaways, contests, submissions, discount codes and other promotional items may be limited to members only. This means that only members with an active membership may access or be eligible to certain features or services.
  •   What are VIP discounts?
  • Throughout the year the Producers Social may host parties, workshops, special events as well as offer promotions and giveaways from our partners. Members with an active Socialite Membership will be given first access and may be given exclusive discounts not available to other membership plans.
  •   What is the extended profile included with membership?
  • Every membership comes with extended profile features including:
    • Custom URL (ex.
    • Featured track or album (using a SoundCloud or Bandcamp embed code)
    • Social links to connect with your fans and our community
    • Premium listing in our Members Directory with your featured track  album or E.P.
  •   How do I get my music featured in your playlists on Soundcloud, Spotify, and Youtube?
  • We select the best of the best from our community for inclusion in our playlists and mixtapes on SoundCloud, Spotify, and Youtube. Submissions are available only to those with an active membership. To submit your tracks, please visit the submissions page to view currently open submissions.
  •   What happens to my tickets when I renew or upgrade my membership?
  • Existing tickets in your account remain unchanged by renewing or upgrading your membership. However, any time remaining on your existing membership is automatically rolled over to your new membership ticket expirations. For example, if you have 2 months remaining on your membership when you renew or upgrade, your new tickets will be extended by that same amount of time to effectively give you sufficient time to use them. Whenever tickets are used or reserved for an event, your oldest (soonest to expire) tickets are applied first.
  •   How do I purchase sample packs?
  • Sample packs can be obtained in the store either using credits included with your membership or purchased individually. Once you have checked out you will be able to download your files from My Downloads.
  •   Can I create a sample pack for Producers Social?
  • We’d love to hear from you if you are interested in making a sample pack. Before submitting anything, please review and follow our sample pack guidelines.
  •   What are Sample Pack Credits?
  • You can redeem Sample Pack Credits in the Store to get sample packs for free.  If you have credits, they will automatically be applied to any sample packs added to your shopping cart. Credits are initially awarded upon subscribing or renewing your membership. Socialite Members with an active subscription also receive 1 additional credit on the first of each month. Please visit the Membership section to view options and benefits.
  •   Is there a waiting list for Merch?
  • NO. We announce new merch sporadically and usually sells out very fast, be sure to follow us on social media to be ready to get yours quickly.
  •   Do I need an account to purchase items from the store?
  • You can checkout without registering an account or being logged in. However, being a registered user is free and will give you greater access to your orders. Purchases made when you are logged in will be available in your order history and downloads page. Otherwise if you checkout as a guest, your downloads will be sent to you via email and available for a limited time only. Click here to sign in.
  •   How do I download sample packs and other items I've purchased?
  • Music, sample packs, or other downloadable items you have purchased from the store are available on the Downloads page of your profile. A list of all available downloads is displayed. Click the Download button for each file to begin the download. Files are provided in zip archives unless otherwise indicated. If you used guest checkout when purchasing your items, please look for the confirmation email which contains your download links. If you are having trouble finding your order or downloading your items, please contact us.
  •   How do members get first access to merch and other features?
  • We may publish featured items and merch with member-only access for a limited time period before the feature goes public. This gives members first access to items which may sell out or have a limited availability. We will also send out notifications of new offers in our newsletter and social media, so be sure to follow us for special news and deals!
  •   What is On Deck?
  • On Deck is what we call our proprietary list management system for hosting socials. With On Deck, event hosts can add members or sign up new ones to the list for running the Producers Social event. When sharing begins, the host uses On Deck to display the current presenter's name and information, based on the profile each member sets up. New users will receive a confirmation email to finish setting up their profiles later, so next time they'll be ready to go. Users can also purchase tickets and sign up on the list remotely once the On Deck session is opened by the host. The system tracks the time of who is presenting, making it easier for the host and attendees to know who is currently playing and who is up next.
  •   How does the countdown timer work?
  • During an On Deck session, each presenter is typically given up to 10 minutes to play their track and get feedback. The length of time and whether or not to use or strictly follow the countdown timer are up to the host. When there are time constraints or a full list, the countdown timer can be a helpful guide for the host and presenter.

    If the Auto-Start feature is enabled (in the On Deck Settings), the timer will start immediately upon advancing to the next presenter. If the host prefers to start the timer themselves, they can disable this feature.

    Tapping the countdown timer toggles whether it is running or paused. You can also tap the reset icon next to the timer to restart the timer, which is helpful if there was a delay getting things set up or some other interruption to the normal flow.
  •   How is the Host of the On Deck session set?
  • By default, the host is the admin user who started the On Deck session. Their profile image and name are shown at the bottom of the navigation bar on the left. Once a session has been started, you can transfer hosting to a new computer (and/or user) by opening the On Deck Settings (click the gear icon on the left navigation bar). Check the box to 'Make me the primary host'. This will ensure that the current user (you) and the computer you are running on is regarded as the main control input for the list. 

    Note: for added security, only location admins assigned by the Ambassador are able to manage On Deck sessions. Location admins are only able to manage sessions in their location.
  •   How do private On Deck sessions work?
  • An On Deck session can be made private if the host does not want anyone to have access except by invitation. The private option is only available for On Deck sessions not related to an event listed on the website. The main purpose of a private session is for hosting a closed event or for testing purposes, otherwise, this option should not be used.
  •   What does it mean when the status OFF AIR, LIVE, or OPEN is displayed?
  • The status for any events currently happening is displayed in the main navigation bar over Attend. 
    • OFF AIR: There are no On Deck sessions currently open or active
    • OPEN: The sign-up list for an event happening right now is open. If you are attending the event you may sign yourself up on the list. Click OPEN to view the On Deck session and click 'Add Me' to sign up. In some locations a ticket purchase may be required before signing up.
    • LIVE: This indicates and event is going on now and is currently in session. Click LIVE to open the On Deck session. Sign-ups might be still open or closed, set at the host's discretion.
  •   What are your suggestions for presenting and hosting?
  • All Attendees

    Please keep feedback positive and constructive at all times!

    • Have your track rendered down to wav or mp3 ready to play from a thumb drive or device.
      Please do no stream your track from the cloud or online.
    • Briefly introduce yourself and your track. 
      What sort of feedback you are looking for?
    • Assist presenters getting set up and use any time between to make announcements.
    • The host may limit feedback based on the time permitted for each presenter.
    • If the list goes around a second time, the host may opt to reduce or eliminate feedback so more people have a chance to play.
  •   Can I submit my music to the Producers Social label?
  • If you have attended a Producers Social and/or have an active membership, you may submit your music in our submissions portal. For an Artist Release use the Artist Release Upload. For a compilation choose which Compilation you are submitting to (if submission deadline is passed you will not be able to upload and submit)
  •   How can I start a social in my city?
  • Producers Social is hosted in cities around the world through our Ambassador Program. Please contact us if you wish to become and ambassador and host a Producers Social in your city.
  •   Where did the Producers Social start?
  • In Los Angeles, 2013
  •   What is the setup fee when starting a new Producers Social location?
  • A one-time setup fee is charged to Ambassadors starting new socials. This covers the cost of creating new branding assets, setting up the location on our website, and support getting started with On Deck and our platform features. The Ambassador will receive a digital package of design assets including images and vector graphics with the agreed upon color scheme specific to the location. Once the setup is done, Ambassadors will have full autonomy to schedule their events, enroll members, and promote their events.
  •   How do I set up the location profile page for my Producers Social?
  • Ambassadors and their admins can customize their profile page for their specific location, displayed in the menu Attend > Locations. Ambassadors are encouraged to post pictures and offer descriptions of their venue and hosts and what makes their Producers Social unique. To edit your location profile, you must be logged in with admin access. Find your location page and click Edit Profile.
  •   What is included with the branding and social media assets for locations?
  • Each Ambassadors upon signing up to host their own Producers Social will receive a package of design assets of images and vector graphics. This includes the Producers Social logo branded for the specific location in a variety of formats, fonts used in our branding, and social media banners. We may also provide additional branded social media images.
  •   Who do I contact if I have a business proposition?
  • Please visit the Contact Us page to get in touch.
  •   Does the Producers Social have an Internship Program?
  • Yes, every three months we onboard 2 new Interns, we are always taking applications however the waiting list may be long.
  •   Do you share email addresses or personal information with 3rd parties?
  • No. You may opt-in to receive special offers and news from our partners and affiliates, however, we do not give out your email address, name, or any personal information. Your privacy is important to us and we keep your information secure. To review your email preferences, please visit your account page.

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