We are proud to announce the 4th compilation album featuring exclusive music from the Producers Social community!
Producers Social Compilation Vol. 4

Available now on all major online retailers!

‘Producers Social Compilation Vol. 4’
- out December 1 - is an innovative listening experience that features work from longtime socialites like 5am and ST4RFOX and new members such as Lucas James, Knight Of Water and others who add cutting-edge energy to the mix.

What makes ‘Producers Social Compilation Vol. 4’ appealing is that each song is its own unique soundscape. The 16-track album draws influences from various genres and styles within the electronic music spectrum, so don’t be surprised to find yourself vibing to some futuristic hip hop with Lo-J before grooving to Chief Jesta and dela Moontribe’s collaboration or jamming to Luxora Major. This compilation is a melting pot of rich music that offers a tune for all electronic music enthusiasts to enjoy.

The artists on ‘Producers Social Compilation Vol. 4’ are the first members to be sponsored by Ableton- who provided a generous discount to those whose tracks made it on the final album. The partnership established between Producers Social and Ableton has been instrumental as having Ableton’s support has helped the community provide upcoming artists with the tools they need to pursue their careers.

The Producers Social community has diversified even further since their last release by extending their reach to 7 major cities. In addition to those in Los Angeles, members from San Diego, Santa Cruz, Reno, Arcata, Bangkok and most recently, the Bay Area also have contributions on the multi-genre tracklist. The result became this multidimensional album that showcases the all-encompassing foundation the Producers Social is best known for.

Artist: Various Artists

Release: Producers Social Compilation Vol. 4

Label: Producers Social

Release Date: December 1, 2017

Buy Links: Coming December 1

Producers Social Compilation Vol. 4 Tracklisting:

  1.  Dela Moontribe, Jesta - “Full Moon Feels”
  2.  Stephan Jacobs - “Saturday into Sunday”
  3.  Djedi - “Return”
  4.  Capture - “All In My Head”
  5.  Axon Genesis - “Antaris”
  6.  Lo-J - “Hangry Tho”
  7.  Luxora Major - “Kava Chameleon”
  8.  Lucas James - “Everyday”
  9.  Zodiak ILLer - “Lyke Dat”
  10.  Knight of Water - “Bangr
  11.  Doldrum - “Quantum Weirdness”
  12. ST4RFOX, 5AM - “Patience”
  13.  Lucagaci, Josh Robin - “Mr Freeze”
  14.  Jay Phoenix, Lil Luna - “Love and War” feat. Lil Luna
  15.  Da Moth - “Echoes”
  16. Falcor, ED808 - “Steady”

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