Tutorial Guidelines


Basic Tutorial Guidelines:

  • Minimum 30 minutes - Maximum 90 minutes of video
    • Multiple short videos will be accepted. Producers Social may stitch them together in no particular order unless specified otherwise.

Recording Tips:

  • If you do not currently have screen capture software, please use OBS.
    • https://obsproject.com/download (free)
    • Setup Tutorial: (find youtube link) (windows) (mac)
  • Please do not add any branding to the video, Producers Social will handle this. 

Best Practices:

  • Recording Audio
    • Internally using soundflower or other similar software.
    • Directly into an audio interface
  • Vocal audio recording through a microphone

Export Settings:

  • Resolution:
    • Minimum 1280 x 720
    • Maximum 1920 x 1080
  • File Type: TBD

File Naming Convention:

  • Producers Social Tutorial - Artist Name - Topic - Submission Date
    • Example:
      • Producers Social Tutorial - Aqueousi - Serum Bass Design - 4.1.17


  • Zip your video and share a Dropbox link with content@producerssocial.com
  • Please include your artist logo in the .zip if you would like it featured in the video.

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