Style: dubstep, other dubstep, gospel dubstep, olde dubstep, KENNY G
I'm semi retired from the production scene and would like to join the producers socials to try to keep the last threads of interest alive.

a zipse
Style: dubstep, hiphop, midtempo, bass
UK dubstep influence with live instrument and hiphop applications. Turntablist. Bass and drum focus. Looking for vocalists and collabs. Based out of Santa Cruz.

Aliah Selah
Style: Eletronica, Dream Pop, Ambient Groove, Modal Jazz, Adult Contemporary Jazz
Forming: Electronica/Livetronica (STS9-like) band to play Sacred Music, Art, & Yoga Festivals. Also seeking to collaborate with musicians/artist for new video series: Ableton Producer/Singer-Songwriter/Sax/Keys/Videographer/Choreographer.

An0nym0u5 Beats
Style: All Your Bass Are Belong To Me